Thursday, November 6, 2003
Paper, Leather, Clay & Stone - The Written Word Materialized.

Paging Through Medieval Lives - Illumination and Calligraphy from selected collections.

Judith Hoffman - Metalwork and Artist's Books.

Vaudeville Slang - The world of Vaudeville and Burlesque had a rich lexicon which was both a reflection of its roots and creative verbal birthplace  (Via Anma's LiveJournal).

Also via Anma's LiveJournal:  

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Monday, November 3, 2003
Very Important Things -

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 Sunday, November 2, 2003

After Life. Streatham Cemetery - The four seasons by Jonathan Clark (Via Coolio's).

The Art of  Tracy M. Lee

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Saturday, November 1, 2003

The bubble-gum cards known as "Mars Attack".

Mr. Frog's Easy Omelet.

Questia - The World's Largest Online Library. 

Artist BOB PEAK. One of the most imaginative and prolific illustrators of the 20th century, Robert Peak revolutionized advertising in the film industry and is considered the "Father of the modern movie poster." Robert Peak totally transformed the approach to movie advertising from basic collages of film stills or head shots to flamboyant artistic illustrations.

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Friday, October 3 1, 2003

Greg Knight's Patio Culture - Suburban Living in the 1960's! 

...I'd rather be watching Swatch-O-Vision... Melinamade fabrics and wallpaper.

Outre - Retro/Pop, Underground/Alternative, Fantastique, Comic, Hot Rod, Dark/Macabre and beyond.

d'Holbachie's cosmos - d'Holbachie-Yoko Art Gallery.

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Happy Halloween.
The Art & History of  
Greeting Cards.

Bozo's Funhouse - Colorful "books that talk" issued in the late 1940's as beautifully designed 78RPM albums. Each time Bozo gave his signal, it was time to turn the page.

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Thursday, October 30, 2003

Forst Zone - The Art of Yoko Ohnaka (Via neurastenia).

Brom Art - The weird, the monstrous and the beautiful.

bastet2329 - One of a kind dolls, paintings and prints.

Harley Fine Art - Harley-Davidson and other American motorcycles in contemporary photo-realism by James Kingneon.

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Monday, October 27, 2003

attraction - Wonderful illustrations/ fabulous photography.  Also visit chinatsu's Illustration and Que-sera-sera. (Via the Artist Gallery at boom-japan - A Japanese advertising postcards to print.  If you click on one of the cards in the gallery it takes you to another page of cards.  The real treasure is scrolling to the bottom of those pages and clicking on the dates.  There are more images). Thanks Kathy.

Satan's Laundromat - A Brooklyn-based photolog with an emphasis on strange signage, urban decay, and general weirdness (Via oink).

Hanga Gallery: Kobayakawa Kiyoshi (Via Plep).

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